Cat litter types and advantages and disadvantages, the advantages and disadvantages of tofu cat litter

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There are many kinds of cat litter. The most commonly used ones are tofu cat litter, bentonite cat litter and crystal cat litter. If the pet owner is very entangled and doesn't know which cat litter to buy, you can first understand the advantages and disadvantages of each cat litter, so it is easy to choose the cat litter.

1.Tofu cat litter

The material of tofu cat litter is more environmentally friendly, because it is made of bean curd residue, and it can be dissolved when it meets water. Therefore, after the cat owner uses cat litter in the cat, it can flush the tofu cat litter into the toilet, which is convenient for cleaning. The deodorant nature of tofu cat litter is also good. In addition, the tofu cat litter has no dust and will not make the cat's nose sensitive. After talking about the advantages, talk about the shortcomings. Some people think that the tofu cat litter does not absorb the urine badly, it is easy to break and sticky, which causes inconvenience to the cleaning. However, this may be because the quality of the selected tofu cat litter is not good, and the choice of tofu cat litter is fine.


2. Bentonite cat litter

Bentonite cat litter is popular among many pet owners because of its relatively low price, good water absorption and agglomeration. Bentonite cat litter can quickly form a hard group when encountering cat's feces and urine. When the pet owner is clean, only need to shovel out the cat litter and pour the new cat litter into the cat litter. Its ok in the basin. From the deodorant, bentonite cat litter is also possible, but the shortcoming is that bentonite litter dust is relatively large, long-term use, cats often sneeze, especially the more sensitive cat.

3. Crystal cat litter

Crystal cat litter is also called silica gel litter because the main material is silica. Crystal cat litter looks transparent and granulated, and some have colored beads. Crystal cat litter is also dust-free. In terms of performance, the water absorption and deodorization of crystal cat litter are also good, but some cats will like to eat cat litter. It is more dangerous to eat crystal cat litter in the stomach.

After analyzing several kinds of cat litter, tofu cat litter is good, easy to clean, and the dust is not big. You can use the cat tofu cat litter.

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