Which is the strong tofu cat litter? Peach-flavored cat litter!

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Recently, tofu cat litter has launched a variety of flavors, no longer the original flavor, there is matcha flavor, milk flavor, and so on, and we recommend this cat litter is great, the cat litter of the constant love pet supplies really Live up to expectations.


It is a peachy taste. Listening to this name, is there a kind of girl's heart? When you open the bag, the fragrance of a peach will come to you. It uses vacuum packaging, so you don't have to worry about it. It will not be damp or dusty, and it will not be easy to mold. Buy a few packs at once!

The bag packaging is convenient for hand-held. Many people will ask, the fragrance is so heavy, isn't it harmful? Then you think wrong. This is a fragrance after opening, it is not pungent, and the cat is not used after it has been used. Take it out and throw it away, just rush into the toilet. When my cat was stinky, the room was always full of a strong smell, but this cat litter is not a deodorant plant, the taste is obviously improved.

Its water absorption function is very good. The cat litter does not melt through the water, and it will form a block at once. When the shovel is shovel, it will not feel a blocky stick on the litter box. Before the water absorption, the diameter is three millimeters. Instant expansion, strong agglomeration will not be scattered at all, every time I shovel is particularly convenient.

In the past, when cats used other cat litter out of the toilet, the cat's claws often brought out a lot of granules, but after using this, the cat's small meat pads are clean, and it will lick the paws every time they come out of the toilet. Fortunately, this is a food-grade raw material, which does not contain any preservatives, etc. It is made of pure peach peach skin, and also uses corn starch. It is really natural, and the shovel can be used. More assured use, after all, every pet cat is the shovel's heart!

After each shovel, take it to the toilet, it can quickly swell and swell, stir without agglomeration, dissolve very quickly, there is no retained slag in the toilet. Many people want to ask how long it takes for such a bag of cat litter. Haha, if your family has only one master like me, you can use it for a full month! If you have multiple masters in your family, you can use ten days. Half a month! The amount is very good!

Of course, don't worry that the cat will not change the cat litter. We can mix a small amount of cat litter used by the master before, so that the master can quickly adapt to the new taste of cat litter, and can also be mixed with good quality bentonite cat litter. This will save more materials!

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